About Us

We are a Midlands based company passionate about comic books and all things comic related. We want to educate people of all ages on how to draw/illustrate characters, graphic novels, buildings and more. We have our very own creatives who are ecstatic to bring you into the wonderful world of comic books and illustration.

Meet The Team

Kevin Wells


"I’m a freelance illustrator that specialises in drawing comics. I self published my own comic series called The Last Einherjar as well as collaborating with other creators.

For Comication I’ll be helping you to create your own comics, going through figure drawing, character creation and storytelling."

Paul Morris

Founder of Comication

"I am the founder/owner of Comication - which is pretty ironic as I am terrible at drawing. I am however great at writing and have published several crime novels. I am a lover of noir style comics and graphic novels."

Pete Urmston

Historical Reconstruction Artist

"I am a historical reconstruction artist. In my work I piece together information from old ruined buildings to show what they looked like when they were new, many hundreds of years ago.

Although not a cartoonist, I am here to help you use perspective in your pictures. This is how we show thing far away and close up and will allow you to set your characters in their environment in a realistic way."

Leah-Marie Thompson

Multimedia Specialist

"I'm your all round, multimedia specialist who does a bit of everything when it comes to the world of creativity. I spent many years studying art, photography, graphics and video which has allowed me to see the arts from many different perspectives.

For Comication I will be running all online communications and marketing."

Katie Sandoval

Artist and Teacher

"I am an experienced art teacher working with the Comication team to create enjoyable learning experiences and events. I believe that everyone is creative and drawing is the perfect activity to help bring imaginative ideas to life. As an artist I like to create paintings inspired by the colourful landscapes of my childhood in Mexico City and other exotic location. I love children’s book illustrations and my particular favourites include: James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, and illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert, Beatrix Potter’s Mrs Tiggywinkle."